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Printers are indispensable in every office. Developments in the field of printing have undoubtedly led to the trend that allows companies and individuals to dedicate very little time to their printers.

The quick business tempo does not allow people to waste the time they would normally dedicate to their printers. This would create substantial monetary costs and it would take valuable time.

Companies also strive for optimisation and a better overview of their costs, which is why many of them choose to rent  a printer.

If you have ever bought a printer, you will be very familiar with the reality of the following facts.

When buying a printer, the already substantial initial financial investment does not entail the running costs of the printer, such as replacing toners or other spare parts.

Some of those parts, such as cartridges, are very expensive to replace and they often exceed the purchase cost of the printer. You would be responsible for ordering replacement parts that could take days to arrive or you would need to buy them from retailers at and at an excessive cost.

Spare parts are not the only cost associated with the purchase of a printer. If you buy a printer, you are responsible for its maintenance. All this is an additional cost and it also takes time away from your already tight schedule.

Investing in any kind of equipment for your office requires thorough research and consideration. The following facts prove that renting a printer is the optimal solution nowadays, as compared to buying a printer.

Best overview of the printing costs

Renting a printer is an excellent solution that allows you to optimise your company’s printing cost and it also gives you a clear overview of those costs. The monthly rent cost is completely fixed; it does not entail additional costs, it is adapted to your printing volume and to the most suitable device type for each individual work place. The package depends on the number of printouts and is determined in consultation with our sales specialists.

No service and maintenance costs or costs for consumable materials

The printer rental price includes maintenance and all costs for spare parts of the printer, which means that you need not worry in the event of a printer breakdown or if the toners needs to be replaced.

Full and responsive maintenance support

In contrast to purchasing a printer, where you are responsible for maintenance or paying for expensive services, our technical support team is very quick to respond and thus enables the undisturbed operation of your business. Our trusty experts in the call centre will also offer you continuous support and answer possible questions.

Najem tiskalnika Optiprint

Contribution to the environment by choosing the Optiprint rental

Thanks to our solution, we will not discard a single cartridge set for the entirety of your printer’s lifetime, regardless of your printing volume. As part of the trend for reducing waste, we use a large amount of waste materials that would normally end up in a landfill during our production process. Due to our own development that is based on the policy of reusing cartridges, we have saved approximately 3,820,000 toners during operation. Therefore, the ecological efforts of our company contribute greatly to a cleaner environment.

Reliable partner at home and abroad

Customers are our number one priority, which is evidenced by more than 4,100 satisfied customers. We are able to ensure quick responsiveness, regardless of your location due to our developed franchise network throughout Slovenia which allows us to have a local presence.

Because of our business and franchise model, we also have a presence abroad, namely in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Romania, Italy and the Czech Republic. You can find more information on how to become our franchise partner here.